4 Common Questions About Takeaway Boxes

by Deniz Nayir

Over the last few years, takeaway businesses have seen an increase in their customer base, mainly due to the pandemic. This rise means that people have more rubbish to dispose of, which is why takeaway businesses need to use eco-friendly items, such as recyclable food packaging.

In 2021, the average UK person spent £641 on takeaway food

Initially, the increase in takeaway food consumers was because of the Covid restrictions in place. However, a lot of consumers now consider eating from the comfort of their own home much more desirable than eating out. 

People’s increased appeal for takeaway food may be because there are many options for them to choose from, it’s quick and easy to order, and eating from home reduces the risk of them being exposed to Covid.  

Because of the rising customer demand, takeaway businesses must be conscious of the packaging that they use. They should implement greener alternatives so that people can easily dispose of their rubbish with the confidence that they’re reducing their carbon footprint. 

Additionally, takeaway businesses have a lot of competitors, so if a takeaway restaurant can demonstrate that they’re being environmentally responsible, then people will be much more likely to choose them over other competitive restaurants.

Do you own a takeaway business? Would you like to be able to advise your customers on what food packaging is recyclable? Or make suggestions on how they can dispose of any other packaging? Then consider the answers to the four common questions about takeaway boxes that we’ve put together below.

1. Can this be reused after washing it?

Albiz Cold Plastic Sauce Container
Some takeaway packaging can be easily reused. 
High-quality plastic tubs, such as Albiz’s Cold Sauce Takeaway Containers, are perfect to be reused or repurposed. With their hinged lids, they are ideal to use as storage containers after being thoroughly washed once they’ve been used for their original purpose.
Alternatively, since these containers are 100% recyclable it makes it easy for customers to dispose of them in their home recycling.
There are some types of biodegradable plastic, such as soy-based plastic and starch-based plastic. Packaging made from biodegradable plastic can easily be broken down by bacteria which is a natural decomposition process.

2. Is this product compostable?

A lot of cardboard boxes can be composted, but it does depend on if the cardboard is coated in heavy ink or if it contains small particles of plastic. 
For example, if a box is covered in labels or tape, then it cannot be composted.
Additionally, glossy cardboard, where plastic has been used to create the shiny finish, cannot be composted. A lot of the ink that is used today on cardboard is vegetable-based or non-toxic, but some still do contain harmful metals which can contaminate the soil. 
Corrugated cardboard, wax-coated cardboard, and flat cardboard can all be easily composted.
As previously mentioned, some types of plastic are biodegradable too, such as starch-based plastics and soy-based plastics. 
Albiz offers various compostable packaging which is ideal for takeaway businesses seeking eco-friendly alternatives.
To build a compost heap, start with a 4-inch layer of corrugated cardboard combined with dry leaves or straw. Then, add nitrogen-rich items, such as fruit peel, vegetables, or fresh grass. Add a thin layer of soil. Ensure to keep the compost pile moist by adding water and turning the heap every few days.

3. Can this packaging be recycled?

Brown Compostable Pizza Box

If properly cleaned after use, a lot of takeaway packaging can be easily recycled. 

For example, Albiz’s Takeaway Pizza Box is made from brown cardboard which makes it 100% recyclable.

Another type of recyclable packaging that Albiz offers is the burger box. These can be easily disposed of in a customer’s home recycling.  

However, if there are any food scraps left in a box or even a bit of grease, then it won’t be possible to recycle it. This is why it’s important to clean a takeaway box after use.

4. What is this packaging made from?

Since a lot of people are becoming more environmentally friendly, they are more interested in what their packaging is made from. This is why takeaway restaurants must source their packaging from businesses that can offer eco-friendly packaging, such as Albiz.

For example, Albiz offers Square Takeaway Salad Containers that are made from clear PET plastic which can easily be recycled. 

Other sustainable products include corrugated cardboard tray boxes, greaseproof bags, and takeaway paper carrier bags as well as other recyclable, reusable, or compostable packaging.

If you’re a takeaway business owner looking to grow your customer base, then consider environmentally-friendly packaging. You can demonstrate to consumers that you’re taking responsibility for the environment as well as making it easier for them to dispose of their rubbish. 

We hope that you’ve found this blog informative and that you’ll now be able to provide answers to the four common questions about takeaway boxes. 



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