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    At Albiz Packaging, we offer a wide variety of compostable takeaway boxes that are made from eco-friendly material. They are perfect for serving on-the-go foods in takeaway businesses and cafes. In today's fast-paced world, the convenience of grab-and-go meals is undeniable. But with the mounting concerns over plastic waste, there's a pressing need for sustainable alternatives. Enter cardboard lunch boxes. These aren't just a fleeting trend; they're a reflection of a global shift towards eco-conscious living. But what's the buzz all about? Let's dive in and explore why these boxes are becoming the talk of the town.
    10 products
    BB9 ripple corrugated food box
    9" Premium Strong Corrugated Ripple Food Box
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    Premium Vented Kraft Food Box
    10 Inch Premium Kraft Food Box with Vents
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    9 inch white board food box with printed design
    9" Medium Printed Cardboard Takeaway Food Box - 200 pieces
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    10" Large Printed Cardboard Takeaway Food Box - 200 pieces
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    9" Cardboard Takeaway Food Box - White
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    Food Boxes with Distinctive Designs:Large Takeaway Cardboard Boxes:Why Choose Cardboard Food Boxes for Your Lunch?

    Traditional lunch packaging options have long been dominated by plastic and metal, both of
    which carry environmental burdens. Cardboard, sourced responsibly, is a game-changer. Not
    only is it biodegradable, decomposing without leaving any toxic residues, but it’s also derived
    from renewable resources. With our cardboard lunch boxes, you’re embracing an eco-friendly
    choice that aligns with the UK's vision of a greener future.

    A Premium Range to Suit You

    At Albiz Packaging, we pride ourselves on understanding the diverse needs of our UK clients.
    The rich tapestry of British culinary art deserves a packaging solution that’s as unique and
    versatile as the dishes themselves. Our premium range is meticulously crafted, keeping in mind
    not only the sustainability factors, but also the practical demands of modern consumers. From
    the texture of the cardboard, ensuring maximum insulation, to the nuanced designs that mirror
    contemporary UK aesthetics, every box is a testament to our dedication to excellence and a
    sustainable future.

    • 9" Premium Corrugated Ripple Food Boxes: Our signature ripple design serves a
      dual purpose. Aesthetically, it resonates with the modern minimalist trends popular across the UK. Functionally, it provides an added layer of insulation, ensuring that the dishes you're selling, whether a classic fish and chips or a pasta dish, remain at their optimal temperature for longer.
    • 9-inch & 10-inch Takeaway Food Boxes: Size matters when it comes to food
      packaging. Recognising this, we've curated boxes that cater to a wide range of portion requirements. The versatility of our 9-inch box makes it a favourite for light lunches, while the 10-inch variant, complete with its optional venting system, is ideal for more elaborate dishes, ensuring that those delicious aromas are sealed in while preventing condensation build-up.
    • Large Takeaway Cardboard Boxes: For occasions that demand a grander scale - be it a community gathering in Birmingham or an office party in Leeds - our large takeaway boxes rise to the occasion. Designed to handle substantial portions without compromising on integrity, they're the ideal choice for a bulk order.
    • Food Boxes with Distinctive Designs: Packaging, we believe, is an extension of brand identity. With the design-centric food boxes that we stock, eateries across the UK have an opportunity to stand out from their competition. From subtle, elegant patterns suited for upscale diners to vibrant, quirky designs ideal for trendy cafes, our range of food boxes with designs offers something uniquely suited to your establishment, allowing you to stand out and reach more customers.

    Cost-Effective, Eco-Friendly Packaging Alternatives

    In the heart of the UK, there's a shift happening. With a growing wave of eco-awareness
    sweeping across the nation, consumers and businesses alike are turning their backs on
    wasteful packaging and searching for sustainable alternatives. This is where we at Albiz
    Packaging steps in, offering a range of cardboard lunch boxes that tick all the right boxes -
    environmentally friendly, durable, and stylish.

    Beyond the environmental benefits, cardboard lunch boxes are often much more affordable than
    their plastic or metal counterparts. Production costs are lower, and the savings are passed down
    to you, our customers.

    UK-Wide Delivery

    At Albiz Packaging, we ensure prompt delivery throughout the UK. From the bustling streets of
    Edinburgh to the peaceful towns in Cornwall, our cardboard lunch boxes have been gracing
    tables and delighting consumers with their combination of sustainability and style for years.

    Our cardboard lunch boxes aren't just products; they're a commitment. A commitment to
    sustainable practices, quality, and a nod to the UK’s rich heritage of balancing tradition with
    innovation. Whether you’re a business looking for takeaway containers or an individual in
    search of eco-friendly lunch solutions, trust in Albiz Packaging. Embrace a better, greener
    tomorrow, one box at a time.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are takeaway boxes microwaveable?

    Most food takeaway boxes are not microwaveable, mainly due to what they are made from.

    For example, if a cardboard box contains plastic, wax, ink, glue, or metal, then it cannot be

    Additionally, if a cardboard takeaway box is safe to put in the microwave, then it should only be
    done when there is food inside.

    What are takeaway boxes normally made of?Takeaway boxes are usually made out of cardboard or plastic. Kraft boxes are a popular type of
    packaging to use by food takeaway restaurants.

    Are takeaway boxes recyclable?
    Takeaway boxes can be recycled, but it does depend on the type of material that they are made

    Kraft material is 100% recyclable, making it a popular choice for food takeaway restaurants who
    are wishing to be eco-friendly.

    Where to buy takeaway boxes?
    Albiz sell a wide range of takeaway boxes that are ideal for a variety of food.
    For example, Albiz provides:

    - Burger Boxes
    - Fish and Chip Boxes
    - Pizza Boxes
    - Fried Chicken Boxes