Plastic Smoothie Cups

Plastic Smoothie Cups

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    Albiz’s range of clear plastic cups come in 3 sizes, perfect for serving small, medium and large takeaway... drinks. They are made from a clear, high-quality PET plastic, which is 100% recyclable.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can a clear plastic cup go in the microwave?

    As the smoothie cups that Albiz offers are made from PET plastic they cannot be used in the microwave. Pet plastic absorbs heat. A temperature above 48 degrees will cause PET plastic to warp and melt.

    What are disposable clear plastic cups made of?

    The disposable plastic cups that Albiz offers are made from PET plastic, which is highly durable in addition to being recyclable.

    Where can I buy clear plastic cups?

    Albiz offers two types of smoothie cups.

    These are:

    - Premium Smoothie Cup

    - Plastic Smoothie Cup

    1 product