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    In the bustling world of culinary delights, the burger reigns supreme. Yet, it's not just about what's inside that patty and bun; it's also about how it's delivered to the hands of the consumer. This is where we come in, offering exquisite cardboard burger boxes that ensure every burger tells its delicious story in the best possible way. Whether you're a boutique burger joint or a fast-food titan, our bespoke range of burger box packaging solutions has been crafted, keeping the essence of your brand and the planet's well-being at the forefront.
    12 products
    5 Inch Cardboard Takeaway Burger Box - 200 Pieces
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    Premium Vented Kraft Burger Box
    5 Inch Premium Takeaway Kraft Burger Box with Vents
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    5 inch kraft white burger box
    5" Takeaway Kraft White Cardboard Burger Box - 200 Pieces
    5" Large Printed Takeaway Burger Box 200 Pieces
    from £26.99
    corrugated cardboard burger box with vents
    5 Inch Corrugated Takeaway Burger Box with Vents
    from £30.99
    5" Printed Strong Corrugated Burger Box - 150 Pieces
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    4" Small Printed Cardboard Burger Box - 200 Pieces
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    4.5" Medium Printed Cardboard Takeaway Burger Box - 200 pieces
    4.5" Cardboard Kraft Takeaway Burger Box - 200 pieces
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    Why Choose Albiz Packaging Cardboard Burger

    In the packaging world, a box is never just a box. It's a statement of quality, an emblem of your
    brand's ethos, and a silent ambassador of the taste that lies within. When you align with Albiz
    Packaging, you choose more than just a large burger box; you choose a promise of excellence,
    innovation, and sustainability.

    1. Unparalleled Variety: Our extensive range caters to all burger dimensions. For those who
    lean towards a touch of luxury, our 5" premium corrugated ripple burger boxes offer an
    unmatched blend of sturdiness and style. And for those who prioritise freshness above all, our
    vented kraft burger boxes have been engineered to keep your burgers crisp and delectable until
    the last bite.

    2. Custom Designs to Match Your Brand: Your brand is unique, and its representation should
    be too. At Albiz Packaging, we offer cardboard burger boxes that mirror your brand's spirit. From
    minimalist designs to intricate patterns, we're sure that there will be something for your brand.

    3. Size Does Matter: The burger universe is vast, from petite sliders to towering gourmet
    creations. Our collection of 4", 4.5", and 5" cardboard takeaway burger boxes ensures that
    every burger, regardless of size, finds its rightful home.

    4. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly: The environment is not just a buzzword for us; it's a
    commitment. As we craft each burger box, we ensure it leaves the smallest carbon footprint
    behind. Sourced from sustainable materials, our takeaway burger boxes are not only functional
    but also eco-friendly.

    5. Easy to Use and Transport: The essence of a takeaway is convenience, and our food boxes
    encapsulate this ethos perfectly. With a keen focus on design ergonomics, we've created
    easy-to-stack transport and open burger boxes.

    Experience the Albiz Difference

    Beyond mere packaging, we are about creating lasting impressions. We understand that in the
    competitive landscape of the food industry, the small things matter. From the moment a
    consumer lays their eyes on the box to when they take their final bite of their burger, every step
    is an experience we help to perfect.

    Our legacy is built on trust, innovation, and customer-focus. We take immense pride in our
    ability to evolve, ensuring that our packaging solutions meet, and often exceed, industry

    Crafted with Care: The Albiz Promise to Every Customer

    Every one of the takeaway food boxes that we offer throughout the UK embodies our dedication,
    passion, and craftsmanship. Our attention to detail, from handpicking the best materials to
    ensuring flawless finishing of our burger packaging, underscores our commitment to
    unparalleled quality. We believe our customers deserve the best, and with every box that leaves
    our facility, we deliver on our promise of excellence.

    More Than Just a Box: The Albiz Philosophy on Packaging Perfection

    To us, each one of our burger boxes represents more than its primary function. Every box tells a
    story - of the brand, the mouth-watering burger it holds, and the sustainable vision behind it. Our
    comprehensive approach combines aesthetics, utility, and our ethos, ensuring that our burger
    boxes stand as symbols of sustainability, capturing the spirit of what's inside and the values we
    uphold as a business.

    Seal the Freshness: Albiz Packaging's Commitment to Quality

    The essence of a perfect burger lies in its freshness, and our packaging is designed to preserve
    that. Using cutting-edge technology and innovative designs, we ensure every burger maintains
    its juiciness, flavour, texture, and heat from the kitchen to the diner. Our food boxes are
    designed to lock in the freshness of the hot food, ensuring each bite offers the same delight as
    when the burger was first crafted because, let's face it, no one likes a cheeseburger that doesn't
    have melted cheese. However, it's not just burgers that our boxes keep fresh; they also work
    perfectly with fries too (after all, who doesn't want fries with their burger?!).

    Bite into Sustainability: Albiz's Green Journey in Burger Packaging

    Sustainability is at the core of our business. We have integrated environmentally friendly
    principles into our production process, recognising the importance of eco-conscious practices.
    We're dedicated to minimising our environmental impact, from opting for recyclable materials to
    implementing energy-efficient methodologies.

    Serving the Planet, One Box at a Time: Albiz Packaging's Green

    In our pursuit of sustainability, Albiz Packaging has marked its commitment with clarity and
    purpose. Each burger box we produce isn't merely a carrier for burgers; it's also a commitment
    to the environment. We ensure that our packaging contributes positively to a sustainable future
    by emphasising recyclability, biodegradability, and responsible sourcing. With Albiz, it's about
    enjoying flavours while cherishing our shared environment.

    Eco-Friendly Commitment: Our Promise

    In an age where environmental awareness is more than just a trend, it's a necessity, Albiz
    Packaging stands tall with a clear and unwavering commitment to the planet. Our eco-friendly
    ethos permeates every facet of our production process.

    Sustainably Sourced Materials

    Every cardboard burger box that bears the Albiz Packaging name is made from materials that
    are responsibly sourced.

    Recyclable and Biodegradable

    Designed with recyclability in mind, each box can be easily repurposed, reducing landfill waste.

    Reduced Carbon Footprint

    Through efficient manufacturing processes and a commitment to renewable energy, we ensure
    that the journey of each box has the smallest carbon footprint.

    Minimalist Designs for Lesser Waste

    Our minimalist designs amplify your brand's elegance and ensure optimal material utilisation.

    Constant Eco-Innovation

    Our dedicated R&D team continually seeks ways to reduce our environmental impact further.

    Let’s Work Together

    So, as you venture into the world of burgers, let us be your trusted ally. Together, we can ensure
    that every burger not only tastes exceptional but is also presented in a manner befitting its
    majesty. In the world of burgers and boxes, it's always the finer details that set one apart.