Takeaway Coffee Cups

Takeaway Coffee Cups

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    Our range of takeaway coffee cups are both 100% recyclable and made from eco-friendly materials. They are... designed to keep your takeaway hot drinks well insulated.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How many ml are there in a takeaway coffee cup?

    In the UK, 1 fluid oz is equal to 28.41ml, which means that an 8oz cup can hold up to 237ml of coffee.

    Albiz offers two types of takeaway coffee cups in the below sizes:

    - 8oz - 237ml

    - 12oz - 355ml

    - 16oz - 473ml

    With the variety of sizes, these cups are ideal for many businesses, such as takeaway restaurants and cafes.

    What are takeaway coffee cups made of?

    Albiz offers a double-wall cup and a ripple-wall cup, both in various sizes, and which are 100% recyclable.

    Where can I buy takeaway coffee cups?

    Albiz offers a double-wall cup, which means that the heat remains within the cup so that a cardboard sleeve is not necessary to protect the hands.

    Additionally, Albiz also provides a ripple-wall cup that is perfect for coffee since the strong material is specifically designed to retain heat.

    1 product