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    Albiz Packaging strives to keep their products eco-friendly while still providing high quality. So, although some of our bags may not be ... 100% recyclable, they are made of strong, durable material, which means they can be reused multiple times.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where can I buy wholesale bags?

    Albiz supplies 4 types of wholesale bags that are ideal for a variety of reasons in food takeaway businesses.

    The wholesale bags Albiz offers include:

    - Bin Bags

    - Greaseproof Bags

    - White Plastic Bags

    - Brown Paper Bags

    Can you recycle bags?

    In the UK, not all plastic bags can be recycled at home in household recycling bins. However, most UK supermarkets have started collecting carrier bags.

    The bags that be recycled are as follows:

    - Brown Paper Bags (Made from kraft paper)

    - Greaseproof Bag (Made from paper and grease resistant)

    - Bin Bags

    13 products
    White Carrier Bag
    White Strong Plastic Carrier Bag
    from £24.99
    Takeaway Brown Paper Carrier Bag - 250 pcs
    from £22.99
    heavy duty black refuse sacks rubbish bags
    Heavy Duty Black Refuse Sacks
    Greaseproof paper
    Takeaway Greaseproof Bag - 1.000 pcs
    from £15.99 Regular price £17.99 Save £2
    Brown colour corrugated tray box
    Cardboard Produce Tray - 50 pieces
    heavy duty black refuse sacks on a roll
    Heavy Duty Refuse Sacks on a Roll, Bin Bags - 72x85 cm
    from £19.99 Regular price £22.99 Save £3
    Kebap Wrapping Paper
    Takeaway Kebab Wrapping Paper - 10kg
    Greaseproof paper for takeaway food packaging
    White Greaseproof Paper Sheets
    from £22.50
    Foil Lined Bags - Hot Sandwich Bag - 500 Pieces
    Sale price £30.99 Regular price £46.99 Save £16
    Takeaway Chicken Box Liners
    from £18.99 Regular price £21.99 Save £3
    Takeaway Pizza Box Liners
    from £15.99 Regular price £19.99 Save £4
    Printed Takeaway SOS Paper Bags / R4 / R8 / R12 - 250 pcs
    from £18.99
    Greaseproof Burger Wraps Red Stripes - 500 pieces
    from £22.50