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    Purchase our Stretch Film to use on your takeaway products. Fully eco-friendly and sustainable.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is takeaway stretch film made from?

    Takeaway stretch film is typically made out of polyethelene, which is a plastic that is commonly used for many products, mainly to do with packaging.

    It is effective for wrapping items that need protecting as the material is strong and stretchy, but it does shrink if it has contact with heat.

    Can stretch film be recycled?

    Stretch film cannot be recylced. Once used, it is best to put stretch film in the household waste bin.

    Although the stretch film cannot be recycled, the outerpackaging and inner tubes are normally made out of cardboard, so these are recyclable.

    Where can I buy stretch film?

    Albiz offers stretch film that is perfect for industrial use. It can fit film-wrapping machines but it is also suitable for hand wrapping.

    The stretch film is made from strong high-quality material, making them perfect for takeaway restaurants and cafes.

    2 products
    extended hand pallet wraps black
    Black Extended Hand Pallet Wrap - Stretch Film 40cmx260m
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    Automatic Machine Stretch Film
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