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    At Albiz Packaging, we always aim to increase the range of our products for the benefit of our customers. Our... growing foods category includes pickled peppers, lemon dressings and salt sachets.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you need to pay VAT on takeaway food?

    If a business changes from an eat-in restaurant to a takeaway restaurant then different VAT rules will apply.

    For example, all hot takeaway food and drink will have a 20% VAT charge; however, some cold takeaway food will not have a VAT charge, such as sandwiches, cakes, and pasties. The 0% VAT charge could also include cooked pastry products as long as they are not kept warm after being cooked and are not advertised as hot food.

    Where can I buy wholesale food?

    Albiz offers a range of takeaway food available at wholesale price. A lot of the products are organic and are competitively priced.

    Some of the food products that Albiz supplies include:

    - Lawin Greek Style Pickled Peppers

    - Jalapeno Peppers

    - Salt Sachets

    - Lemon Dressing

    6 products
    15kg Tin Greek Style Pickled Pepper by Lawin
    Lawin Greek Style Golden Pickled Peppers - 12 kg Tin
    from £23.99 Regular price £28.00 Save £4.01
    500ml Lemon Dressing by Arya
    Lemon Dressing 500ml x 20 Pieces
    Sale price £14.99 Regular price £19.99 Save £5
    Lawin Jalapeno Peppers
    Lawin Jalapeno Peppers - 3kg x 6 pcs
    from £29.99 Regular price £37.49 Save £7.50
    Salt Sachets
    Salt Sachets - 2.000 Pieces
    Sale price £12.49 Regular price £14.49 Save £2
    Pepper Sachets - 2.000 Pieces
    Sale price £18.99 Regular price £24.99 Save £6
    Sliced Black Olives
    from £18.00 Regular price £24.99 Save £6.99