4 Takeaway Food Boxes Your Business Needs This Summer

by Delon Biton

There are many food packaging options that Albiz offers for takeaway businesses. However, there are some essential food containers and cups that are specifically designed with summer in mind, and with the days growing hotter, we encourage takeaway businesses to stock up on our summer food packaging.

Our containers, trays, and cups are designed to keep contents cooler for longer, which will allow your customers to enjoy their food and drink in a relaxed, leisurely manner. After all, there’s nothing quite like sipping an ice-cold milkshake on a hot, bright day, or enjoying the freshness of a crunchy salad on a warm, lazy evening. 

Below are some of the packaging that Albiz offers which will help takeaway businesses, and their customers, capture the mood of summer for longer.


1. Hinged Round Salad Container

Hinged round salad container

The hinged round salad container is a staple for any takeaway business’s packaging. The container comes in a range of sizes (250cc, 375cc, 500cc, 750cc, and 1000cc), making it perfect for salads, pasta, or fruit. This packaging is ideal as a plastic salad container since the lid is tight-fitting which makes spills unlikely. Additionally, customers will be able to see their favourite food through the strong, clear plastic, which will help to ignite their taste buds. With the PET material that the container is made out of being 100% recyclable, it’s the perfect, eco-friendly packaging.


2. Smoothie Cup

Albiz smoothie cup

Smoothies and milkshakes are a must-have during the hot summer months, so takeaway businesses might want to consider these smoothie cups. The clear plastic that they are made from will display any colourful ice-cold contents within, for example, a pink strawberry milkshake, to help really get customer’s mouths watering. Smoothies and milkshakes will be kept cooler for longer in these cups, which will allow customers to chill and really savour their drink. These cups come in a range of sizes (10oz, 12oz, 16oz, and 20oz), and Albiz also offers smoothie lids to fit. Both the cups and lids are made from strong PET material making them sturdy and, once again, 100% recyclable.


3. Polystyrene Food Tray

Albiz polystyrene food tray

This polystyrene food tray is designed to keep food cold or warm. It's an ideal box for salads, helping to maintain that fresh crunchiness, or for burgers and chips, helping to keep them hotter for longer. The food trays are made from a sturdy material which is perfect for carrying food that customers are eating on the go, or for when they’re on the park or beach, lazing under the sun. The polystyrene food trays come in a range of sizes (small, medium and large), and if disposed of correctly, they can be recycled.


4. Plastic Sauce Container

Albiz plastic sauce container with lid

Ideal for most takeaway businesses, these plastic sauce containers with their hinged lids can be used for condiments, olives, and small deli items. The containers are made from PP plastic, which is a robust material that has a high heat tolerance, making it suitable for both hot and cold food. They come in a range of sizes (1oz, 2oz, and 4oz), so they’re practical for customers, enabling them to easily carry their food, or to use for their favourite dipping sauce on a picnic. The container is made from 100% recyclable material which makes this packaging, once again, extremely eco friendly.

People love a variety of food in summer, so if you’re a takeaway business that likes to make eating and drinking easier for your customers, then you might want to consider the above takeaway packaging. These containers and cups will help to maintain the freshness and flavour of the customer’s food and drinks, which will allow them to really savour those summer days, enabling them to smile for longer. This means that these happy customers will be much more likely to purchase from your business again. 

Additionally, more and more people are becoming environmentally aware, so they are seeking restaurants and takeaways that use eco-friendly packaging. With the above containers and cups mentioned, businesses and customers can be confident that they’re taking responsibility for their planet by using recyclable packaging.

If you require food packaging for your takeaway business, then see more of the popular food containers that Albiz offers. 

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