5 Ways To Use Greek Pickled Peppers

by Deniz Nayir

Greek pickled peppers aren’t what people usually think of when they consider their takeaway options, but they are used in numerous meals and relishes to add flavour and complement food. They are commonly found in Mediterranean dishes and are popular in Greece and Italy.

Whether you are a pickled pepper professional or a takeaway trainee, have a look and see how you can use Greek pickled peppers in your food business.

Can Greek Pickled Peppers be Used In Takeaways?

Takeaway paper bags, cups, cardboard pizza boxes and food containers stacked on top of each other, ready for delivery

A range of takeaway businesses use Greek pickled peppers in their food, and there are several ways in which they do this. Takeaways use these peppers for garnishes to accompany food such as doner kebabs and incorporate them into the likes of salads.

Albiz sell natural Greek-style pickled peppers by Lawin that come straight from the field and they are available for catering purposes. Both the tinned Greek pickled peppers and the peppers in a large bucket can be used in your takeaway restaurant or establishment.

How To Use Greek Pickled Peppers

1) Takeaway Garnish

Takeaway food garnish that includes green pickled peppers, tomatoes and gherkins.

One way in which Greek pickled peppers can be used is by having them as a garnish. Foods can be accompanied by garnishes to enhance the enjoyment of people when they eat, and customers love having garnishes alongside their meals. Pickled peppers can be a takeaway side dish for various meals you have on offer for your customers.

Greek pickled peppers as a garnish are ideal for the likes of doner kebabs. They can also be used in takeaway restaurants with cocktails. Instead of just adding celery to Bloody Marys, try including a pickled pepper too.

We have a variety of takeaway food boxes to choose from, ideal for containing products for your customers. For example, the Mir Pac Gold XPS Takeaway Meal Box is great for serving kebabs and pickled peppers from your business, and they can keep food warm and fresh inside for a long period of time.

2) Make A Relish

Pots of relish

Relishes are combinations of sauces and finely chopped vegetables that are used alongside food. Greek pickled peppers can be used as these vegetables, making a relish for your food options to offer your customers.

Adding these peppers to a relish adds texture to the sauce, and this can make a great addition to a range of meals you could provide, including salads and sandwiches.

By finely chopping Greek pickled peppers and adding them to a mixture of vinegar and sugar, you can make a relish for your takeaway business to use. Adding your flavours to this mixture can alter the taste to suit the foods you sell to your customers, such as making it taste smoky or spicy.

Relishes are a great addition to foods such as burgers. Various takeaway burger boxes are available, such as the Kraft Premium Ripple Effect Burger Box and the Kraft Plain Burger Box, which are perfect for containing your food whilst it is transported from your business to your customer.

3) Add Into A Salad

Bowl of salad

Salads don’t have to just contain lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber. Greek pickled peppers can commonly be found in Greek salads alongside red onion, tomatoes, olives, cucumbers and feta cheese, and can be paired with lemon salad dressings to add a kick of flavour.

Greek pickled peppers can be added to a range of salads, offering a different combination of flavours for each one. Whether you want to include it in an Italian salad, with grilled salmon or with potatoes, peppers can highlight different flavours and textures to perfect your vegetable combinations.

Albiz’s lemon salad dressing contains natural lemon juice and comes in 500ml bottles. It can be used in a variety of salads or recipes that your business may offer, and the bottles are 100% recyclable. This means the carbon footprint of your takeaway business can be reduced whilst adding a zesty dressing to your food.

4) Use In An Antipasti Platter

Antipasti platter

Antipasti platters contain different cheeses, bread, vegetables and meats offered on large serving platters to share. They can be hot or cold and are designed to be eaten with your fingers. 

Pickled peppers are a favourite among customers when they order antipasti platters, and they work well when there is also meat available. They add an extra dimension of flavour, especially with the other savoury foods within the dish.

Our natural Greek pickled peppers are available, both in tins and buckets, and are perfect for takeaway businesses and catering companies that sell antipasti platters to their customers.

When providing your antipasti platters to customers, try using the cardboard tray. It is an eco-friendly way to contain food from your takeaway business and is an example of the biodegradable food packaging Albiz have on offer, making your packaging, and therefore your business, more sustainable.

5) Make Pimento Cheese

Pimento cheese is usually served on crackers or sandwiches and is a great way to use Greek-style pickled peppers in your food. It is a simple way to enhance and complement the food you provide to your customers.

Greek pickled peppers are a crucial ingredient for pimento cheese and by making it yourself, you can provide a cheese that is said to taste better than the equivalents found in shops. Add the peppers to mayonnaise and cheddar, and it can then be used in a variety of dishes, including as a dip and with baked potatoes.

Once made, pimento cheese can be stored in 4oz deli pots, making them perfect for accompanying a customer’s food order without spilling everywhere. Albiz’s deli pots are designed to prevent leakage and can be reused by your customers after their meal, making your business more environmentally friendly.

Greek pickled peppers can be used in a range of different ways and can be altered to suit the taste and nature of your takeaway business. 

Along with selling different containers to serve your products in, Albiz have a range of takeaway food options that you can use to enhance or complement your sides and main dishes and have your customers returning for more.

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