Mediterranean Magic: Albiz's Takeaway Pickles & Pickled Peppers

by Delon Biton

Pickled Pepper Albiz

Are you looking to add a punch of flavour to your restaurant's menu? Look no further than the humble yet mighty pickle. Pickles are more than just a condiment; they're a culinary secret weapon that can transform your dishes. Our assortment of Pickles and Pickled Peppers add a burst of flavour to every bite.


Takeaway pickled peppers albiz

Why should you consider adding pickles to your meals?

Extra flavour: Pickles bring a burst of bold and tangy flavours to any dish, elevating the taste profile of your meals and leaving a lasting impression on your customers. 

Textural excitement: The crunch of a pickle can add a delicious texture to your meals.

Versatility: Use them in sandwiches, wraps, salads, or even as a garnish for main courses. The versatility of pickles allows you to experiment and innovate with your menu offerings.


pickled peppers albiz takeaway

Explore our range of Pickles and Pickled Peppers:


Greek-Style Pickled Peppers - Transporting You to the Mediterranean:

Our Greek-Style Pickled Peppers are handpicked for premium quality, adding a delightful crunch to any dish. Whether as an addition to kebabs or a star on antipasti platters, Albiz guarantees irresistibly delicious pickled peppers.

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Jalapeno Pickled Peppers - A Kick of Flavour for Every Menu:

Spice things up with our mouth-watering Jalapeno Pickled Peppers. Conveniently sliced for quick serving, these jalapenos are perfect for cafes, restaurants, and takeaway businesses. Add a kick to salads, use them as a zesty condiment, or incorporate them into your main dishes for a burst of bold flavour.

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Jalapeno Peppers - Straight from the Fields to Your Table:

Our Jalapeno Peppers bring the freshness of the fields to your table. Versatile and perfect as a pizza accompaniment, these pickled jalapenos are mild yet flavourful. Their subtle heat makes them an ideal addition to your meals.

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From the bold crunch of Greek-Style Pickled Peppers to the zesty kick of Jalapenos, our premium and handpicked selection ensures your menu shines with every serving. Bring the taste of the Mediterranean to your customers' tables and let Albiz be your trusted partner for culinary excellence.

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