From Sushi to Salads: Our Eco-Friendly Food Boxes are Redefining Takeaway Flexibility

by Delon Biton

In the fast-paced world of takeaway, versatility is key, and our Takeaway Food Boxes are here to revolutionise your kitchen operations. They go beyond being mere containers; they're the ultimate companion to keep your kitchen and your customers happy!


Eco-Friendly Food Boxes are Redefining Takeaway Flexibility

Versatility Unleashed:

Whether you're showcasing artisanal doughnuts, crispy onion rings, or delicious falafel, our Sustainable Food Boxes are designed to meet the diverse needs of your kitchen. From Takeaway Pizza Boxes to Takeaway Burger Boxes and Eco-Friendly Food Trays, our wide range ensures you have the perfect packaging for every type of takeaway meal. Even our Cardboard Pizza Box doubles as ideal takeaway packaging for your baked goods!


Durable Food Boxes


The strong and sturdy design of our takeaway boxes prevents spillage, providing you with peace of mind and your customers with a mess-free experience. They’re also tear-resistant and economical! Say goodbye to flimsy packaging and welcome reliability with our cardboard Food Boxes.


Insulated Food Boxes

Temperature Control for Winter Comfort:

With freezing cold winter days upon us, keeping your food warm during delivery is more important than ever. Our strong and reliable material ensures that your meals stay hot, offering a comforting experience to your customers during the frosty months.


Sustainable food boxes

Sustainability at Its Core:

At Albiz, we believe in more than just convenience; we champion sustainability. All our Sustainable Takeaway Food Boxes are made from 100% recyclable materials, aligning seamlessly with the values of eco-conscious businesses. Now you can serve your delicious creations in packaging that cares for both your food and the environment.


takeaway food box packaging

One Box, Many Solutions:

Embrace the simplicity of using one box for a multitude of purposes in your kitchen. From keeping sushi fresh to ensuring your salads stay crunchy, our Takeaway Food Boxes adapt to your menu's ever-changing demands. Enjoy the ease of operation and the eco-friendly practices that come with our versatile range.

Good for you, good for your customers, good for the environment. Shop our range of Sustainable Takeaway Food Boxes online -

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