Single Use Plastic Ban Notice

by Delon Biton

Dear Valued Customer,

As the Zenan Group family, we would like to give the below statement about the bans on single-use plastics by wishing that could give an answer to any questions you may have on the matter.

You may have heard of the government’s intention to introduce new bans on the supply of single-use plastic items. As far as we are aware, they are proposing to introduce the ban in October 2023 subject to Parliamentary approval.

However these matters can often take a long period of time to be fully implemented we have not been contacted or issued any notice by any government agencies to cease our production, we can only assume this discussion may take place in parliament in October and if it is approved than businesses will be given a notice for the ban.

We were aware of these discussions and challenges facing food on-the-go packaging and as one of the leading suppliers to the market we have developed a new alternative product to match the EPS's performance while improving its sustainability.

Our new PP FOAM will replace the EPS once the ban is introduced, the new product will be microwaveable, keeps food hotter for longer and fully recyclable with a low carbon footprint.


The packaging industry is constantly changing and evolving, so we pride ourselves on our innovation. It’s not about keeping up with trends, it’s about remaining one step ahead of them!

We continue to research and invest in more eco-friendly and practical alternatives to plastic packaging to ensure we remain committed to recyclable options which are better for our planet. At the beginning of 2022, we introduced our new business Ball Packaging, which UK based design and manufacturing company that specialises in plain and printed cardboard and corrugated cartons and boxes for food to go market we are dedicated to being competitive and innovative – offering a consistently high-quality, consumer-friendly and economical service in the takeaway and packaging industry.

We also have a wide range of sustainable and environmentally friendly products available at Albiz Packaging where you can call or visit our website anytime to place your retail orders with the next-day delivery option. Please feel free to call us on +44 1279 742 588 to ask about our wholesale prices for your larger orders.

We assure you that we will stay in your service with alternative products and remain committed to supplying competitive and innovative products – offering a consistently high-quality, consumer-friendly and economical service in the takeaway and packaging industry.

Kind Regards,
Albiz Team

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