Savour the Flavours of Summer: Must-Try Takeaway Food Trends for the Season

by Delon Biton

Takeaway Food Trends for the Season

Summer is the season of vibrant flavours and fresh ingredients that make our taste buds dance. From zesty salads to succulent barbecues, there's no shortage of delicious dishes to explore during this time of year. As we continue to embrace the convenience of takeaway food, it's essential to choose packaging options that not only preserve the flavours but also enhance the presentation of these delightful summer creations. In this blog post, we will introduce you to some popular takeaway food trends for the season and suggest suitable packaging options to ensure that the flavours and presentation of the food are protected during delivery or takeaway.


Gourmet Burgers Takeaway Packaging Food Trends

Gourmet Burgers:

The trend now is to elevate the classic burger into gourmet delights, from mouth-watering stuffed beef patties to veggie-loaded creations, the possibilities are endless. To ensure that these flavourful creations reach your customers in top-notch condition, Albiz offers sturdy and leak-resistant Burger Boxes. The best part? They’re sustainable and suitable for both hot and cold foods too! 

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Refreshing Salads Food Packaging Trends

Refreshing Salads:

Summer is all about light and refreshing meals, and salads fit the bill perfectly. With an abundance of colourful veggies, fruits, and protein options, these dishes offer a burst of flavours and nutrition. Albiz's Salad Containers with clear lids allow the vibrant colours of the ingredients to shine through, tempting your customers before they even open the packaging. Their tight-fitting hinged lids help to reduce the risk of spillages, and these containers keep salads fresh and crisp until they are enjoyed. Plus, They are sustainable, 100% recyclable and dishwasher friendly!

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Exotic Hot Dogs Food Packaging Trends

Exotic Hot Dogs:

When it comes to summer comfort food, hot dogs are a classic choice. However, the trend of exotic hot dogs has taken the culinary world by storm, offering unique flavour combinations and unexpected toppings. We understand the importance of preserving the flavours and presentation of these exotic hot dogs during delivery or takeaway, which is why we designed our hot dog containers to keep the buns fresh and intact while preventing any leakage or mess. They are economical, durable, 100% recyclable, compostable, sustainable, and food-safe!

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Chilled Smoothies and Beverages Food Packaging Trends

Chilled Smoothies and Beverages:

No summer meal is complete without a refreshing beverage. Chilled juices, iced coffees, and healthy smoothies are in high demand during the warmer months. Albiz provides a range of cup options with tight-fitting lids and straws, perfect for keeping the drinks cool and preventing any spills. These eco-friendly cups are made from sustainable materials, ensuring that your customers can enjoy their favourite summer beverages guilt-free.

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With a wide selection of packaging solutions tailored to various food trends, we ensure that the flavours and freshness of your summer creations remain intact until they reach your customers' eager hands. Embrace these must-try takeaway food trends and choose Albiz Packaging for sustainable and innovative packaging options that will elevate your summer menu to new heights.

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