The 4 Most Recyclable Takeaway Boxes

by Deniz Nayir

Using sustainable materials is so important for takeaway businesses because it is a priority for consumers. Many people will be reluctant to buy food from a business that uses non-recyclable packaging, especially as there are so many competitors out there. Luckily, there are lots of food packaging boxes available that are fully recyclable, so your takeaway business can remain sustainable. These are the 4 best options available right now.

1. Cardboard fried chicken box

Cardboard Fried Chicken Box

If your business sells fried chicken, you need to find an alternative to plastic boxes and food trays because they are not very eco-friendly. Instead, use a cardboard fried chicken box to keep chicken fresh and crispy and reduce your impact on the environment at the same time. The simple clamshell design is perfect for customers that want to eat on the go or sit-in. They also come with a vibrant design, so they act as an excellent branding piece too. The food safe cardboard is fully recyclable and compostable, and will hold the heat well too. Large packs of up to 400 boxes are very cost-effective and they stack well, so they’re easy to store too.

2. Pizza box

White Cardboard Pizza Box

A standard pizza box is one of the most common recyclable takeaway boxes there is. This pizza box is made from thick, durable cardboard that will not soften and tear when it is carrying a hot pizza. It will hold the heat well too, so if you are delivering food, the customer will get a piping hot pizza. The vibrant red and white design looks much better than your average brown pizza box too.

3. Cardboard hot dog tray

Cardboard hot dog tray

This simple cardboard hot dog tray is the ideal eco-friendly packaging option for hot dog stands or other food businesses selling hot dogs. Make life easier for your customers by giving them a sturdy tray to eat out of instead of a flimsy napkin. This recyclable option is also much better than plastic trays too. The simple, bright printed design makes the packaging more attractive to customers too.

4. Mir Pack XPS Food Tray

Mir pack polystyrene food tray

There is a lot of confusion about polystyrene trays and their sustainability. Although many people assume that polystyrene trays are not recyclable, that is not the case. A Mir Pack XPS Food Tray is incredibly eco-friendly as it is made from extruded polystyrene foam, which is completely recyclable. In fact, XPS trays are one of the best recyclable food packaging options out there because the material absorbs and holds the temperature so well. They keep hot food very hot but they also keep cold products fresh. They will stop heat from passing through and burning customer’s hands too. XPS trays are nice and lightweight too, so they’re perfect for eating on the go.

Finding the best recyclable packaging options for your takeaway business is crucial to your success. These 4 options are all excellent for keeping food fresh and reducing your impact on the environment at the same time.

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