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    Our Takeaway Paper Bags are sustainable and 100% recyclable, making them perfect for your takeaway business.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can takeaway brown paper bags be recycled?

    Yes, brown paper bags are made from eco-friendly materials, which means that they can easily be recycled.

    Are brown paper bags compostable?

    Yes, brown paper bags can be composted.

    First, rip the paper bag into small sections before placing it in the compost bin at home.

    Follow the below steps to ensure it can be properly composted without causing contamination.

    How To Compost Paper Bags:

    1) Shred the paper bag into little sections to help it break down quicker.

    2) Rid the paper of any contaminants or non-compostable waste.

    3) Mix paper into the compost.

    Why are paper bags better than plastic bags?

    Paper bags are better than plastic bags because they:

    - Decomposes quicker

    - Cause less harm to wildlife

    - Are widely recyclable

    - Provide less litter Whereas plastic bags:

    - Take over 200 years to decompose

    - Cause more harm to wildlife

    - Provide more litter

    Do I have to charge customers for paper bags?

    In October, 2015, the UK charge for one-time use plastic carrier bags was introduced.

    However, there is no such law for paper bags, so it is up to the business whether they choose to decide to charge for paper bags or not.

    What are brown paper bags made of?

    Brown paper bags are most commonly made from kraft paper, but they can also be made from a variety of paper and they can come in any colour.

    Where can I buy brown paper bags?

    Albiz offers brown paper bags that are strong and 100% recyclable, making them perfect for food businesses, such as cafes and takeaway restaurants.

    3 products
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