Disposable Wooden Cutlery

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    Albiz's Disposable Wooden Cutlery are eco-friendly and compostable, making them the perfect cutlery for takeaway food.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can wooden cutlery be recycled?

    Wooden cutlery can be recycled at some recycling centres. However, wooden cutlery cannot be recycled in household recycling.

    Is takeaway wooden cutlery compostable?

    Yes, you can place your wooden cutlery in your garden waste collection bin to be composted.

    Alternatively, you can add the wooden cutlery to your own compost heap.

    Is wooden cutlery classed as eco-friendly?

    Yes, wooden cutlery is very eco-friendly since it is made from raw materials.

    Where can I buy takeaway wooden disposable cutlery?

    Albiz offers wooden cutlery ideal for food businesses, such as takeaway restaurants and cafes.

    The wooden cutlery Albiz sells include:

    - Wooden Spoons

    - Wooden Knives

    - Wooden Forks

    - Wooden Stirrers

    5 products
    160mm Wooden Fork
    Takeaway Wooden Forks
    from £7.99 Regular price £12.99 Save £5
    160mm Wooden Spoon
    Takeaway Wooden Spoons
    from £7.99 Regular price £9.99 Save £2
    Wooden spiked chip fork
    Takeaway Wooden Chip Forks with Dispenser Box
    from £9.99 Regular price £15.99 Save £6
    160mm Wooden Serrated Knife
    Takeaway Wooden Knife
    from £7.99 Regular price £9.99 Save £2
    180mm Wooden Disc Stirrer
    Takeaway Wooden Stirrer 10.000 pcs
    Sale price £33.00 Regular price £49.00 Save £16