10 Common Questions About Takeaway Pizza Boxes

by Delon Biton

pizza box with design

Pizza is a popular favourite amongst takeaway lovers, and the variety of toppings, bases and thicknesses means there is something for everyone. But how much do people know about the takeaway pizza boxes they are served in? 

Albiz have a range of pizza takeaway boxes for you to choose from, available in numerous sizes and designs to suit you and your business. This includes biodegradable food packaging, which is an environmentally friendly alternative to some other options available on the food packaging market.

1) Are pizza boxes recyclable?

Pile of brown pizza boxes

When disposing of takeaway packaging, it can be challenging to figure out which packaging can be recycled and which can’t. Pizza boxes are usually an example of recyclable food packaging, though you should check whether or not they are recycled in your local area. As long as they no longer contain food, pizza boxes can often be recycled even if they are still greasy.

2) Can you put a pizza box in the oven?

Pizza going into a stonebaked oven

Reheating pizza means you can keep it warm or eat it later, but how that pizza is reheated varies from person to person. For people who like to use the oven, you can use takeaway pizza boxes to hold your pizza whilst you keep it warm. This is because the pizza box won’t catch fire under 400 degrees, so keeping the oven on a low setting enables the pizza to warm up again whilst still in the box.

When the pizza needs reheating, the oven can still be used, although it may be better to do so without using the takeaway box. This is because higher temperatures have a larger risk of causing a fire.

3) Why are pizza boxes square?

Square pizza box on table next to takeaway coffee cup

We’ve all seen it, the circular pizza surrounded by excess cardboard because the box is square instead of round. But why is that?

Pizza boxes are square because it makes them easier for takeaway businesses and manufacturers to store before they are used to contain pizza. Square boxes can also be made from a single cardboard sheet, making it cheaper to manufacture them in this shape.

4) How long will pizza stay warm in the box?

This depends on the temperature of the room it is in and what type of pizza it is, as well as other factors. As a general rule, the pizza remains warm for 30 minutes, but keeping it warm in an oven or wrapping slices in foil can extend this time.

5) How many slices are in a large pizza box?

Slices of pizza

The number of slices found in a pizza box relies on which takeaway business the pizza is bought from and how big it is. On average, a large pizza will have 10 slices, although some takeaway brands use different numbers.

20-inch pizza boxes are available from Albiz, perfect for holding large pizzas whilst they are delivered to your customers.


6) Where can I buy pizza boxes?

Large brown cardboard pizza box

We have a range of takeaway pizza box sizes and designs, so there are plenty of choices to find the perfect box for your takeaway business. This includes coloured, brown or white pizza boxes.


7) What’s the plastic thing in a pizza box called?

The piece of plastic in a pizza box is called a pizza saver and it is designed to help keep the food intact between your takeaway business and your customer’s door. Placing this device in the middle of the pizza means the cheese remains attached to the bread instead of sticking to the top of the box. This keeps the meal in one piece, making it more enjoyable and appealing for your customers when they finally get to eat it.


8) What is the hole in a pizza box for?

Takeaway pizza boxes have holes in them so that there can be regular airflow throughout the box. Not only does this prevent steam from making the pizza soggy, and therefore less appetising to the customer, but it also means there will be no contamination from the fabric bags pizzas are delivered in.


9) What type of cardboard is a pizza box?

The cardboard used to make takeaway pizza boxes has a range of names, including corrugated fibreboard. This is made from three separate sheets of cardboard. The parts we often see are two sheets of paperboard, which form the smooth outside and inside of the box. Between these thin cardboard sheets is a layer of corrugated cardboard, which allows steam to pass through. These layers act as a method of insulation for the pizza, keeping it warm inside whilst in transit.


10) What size is a standard pizza box?

The standard size for a pizza box is 18” x 18”, but different takeaway establishments use boxes in slightly different sizes to suit their pizzas. Smaller pizzas are usually contained in a smaller-sized box, and larger pizzas may require a bigger box.

Albiz have an 18-inch pizza box available, which is suitable for holding both hot and cold food, making it a great addition to a takeaway food business’ packaging supplies.

With how often people buy takeaway pizza, it is important that businesses know about the packaging used to contain this popular dish. Take a look at our answers to questions about takeaway boxes for more information about the takeaway packaging you use within your business.


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