4 Alternative Food & Drink Packaging Items For Your Takeaway Business

by Delon Biton

People are becoming more conscious about their impact on the environment, from the power they use to the packaging their products are delivered in. That’s why eco-friendly products are so important; they reduce plastic waste and provide customers with a cleaner, greener way to enjoy their favourite takeaway foods.

Albiz offers a variety of packaging items to help with that. Whether it’s to reuse the item, reduce plastic pollution or to simply feel better about your impact on the environment, there is a diverse range of products that your takeaway business can use to reduce your carbon footprint and make your business more sustainable.

Some of these products may look similar to ones you already use, but making your resources more eco-friendly can make your business stand out to potential customers.

Take a look and see how these alternatives to plastic food and drink packaging could help your takeaway business.

1. Takeaway Deli Pot

takeaway deli container

Albiz’s Takeaway Deli Pots are 100% recyclable, a great addition for businesses wanting to make their packaging better for the environment and for customers wanting greener alternatives.

Whilst customers are familiar with sachets of sauce with their takeaway meals, they tend not to be recyclable and are only usable once. Takeaway Deli Pots remove this issue. Instead, they can be reused by the customer once in the comfort of their own home, whether that be to transport their own condiments whilst on the go or to hold small, easy-to-lose items such as earrings or staples.

The deli pots come in a range of three different sizes: 3oz, 2oz and 1oz. In particular, the 1oz deli pots with lids are ideal for carrying cold sauces from your takeaway business to your customer’s front door.

In addition, Albiz offers a sauce container, which is similar to the Takeaway Deli Pots but is also made from strong, heat-resistant PP plastic, which is fully recyclable. This makes the sauce container good for hot and cold sauces, as well as a range of deli items.

2. Takeaway Wooden Cutlery

wooden coffee stirrers

Whilst not as common as plastic, Takeaway Wooden Cutlery is available for takeaway establishments to take advantage of, and is the perfect way to reduce plastic waste and reduce the carbon footprint of your business. 

Regardless of whether it be knives, forks, spoons or stirrers for hot drinks, these plastic cutlery alternatives are more sustainable and compostable than their plastic counterparts, making them more eco-friendly to use than the usual plastic cutlery. 

The heat-resistant resistant properties make takeaway wooden cutlery safe for both hot and cold foods, leaving no question about whether the cutlery is appropriate for the food you serve within your business.

The knives, forks, spoons and stirrers are also designed to be more ergonomic, meaning they are easier for your customers to use. Whether that be to enjoy your takeaway meals at home or outside, customers can easily use these plastic alternatives, making them ideal for on-the-go eating.

3. Paper Double Wall Takeaway Coffee Cup

takeaway double wall coffee cup

Takeaway coffee cups are a common sight, both out and about and in the workplace. Most come with a card sleeve, designed to protect hands from the hot drink inside.

These Paper Double Wall Takeaway Coffee Cups remove the need for that sleeve, meaning your hands are protected without requiring that extra card. This also means fewer materials are used to provide customers with their hot drinks, and there is one less product for your takeaway business to stock, giving you more room for the things you need.

Coming in one size, 12oz, the double wall coffee cups are made from strong material and are eco-friendly and 100% recyclable. This means your customers can have their desired beverage in an eco-friendly cup, whilst confident it won’t tear from the heat of their drink.

Albiz also has takeaway coffee cup lids in various sizes, which are fully leakproof and usable with the double wall takeaway cups. Available in black or white to suit your business, they have high durability, so can be used with confidence to contain hot drinks in their cups.

4. Smoothie Cup

takeaway smoothie cup

Finally, this Smoothie Cup is designed for containing cold drinks such as smoothies and milkshakes. They are 100% recyclable, making them a great eco-friendly addition to your inventory.

They are available in four different sizes to suit the needs of your takeaway business. In particular, the 12oz smoothie cups are a good size for your medium size takeaway drinks, making them perfect for those customers who want a standard-size smoothie to go.

Albiz also offers lids for smoothie cups, also 100% recyclable, that come in a range of sizes to fit different cup sizes. With a large hole in the top of the lid for numerous straw sizes, the smoothie cups with lids provide your takeaway business with the means for a spill-free drink for your customers.

From cutlery to containers, from coffee cups to condiment pots, the takeaway packaging used in businesses can be made more sustainable to reduce the carbon footprint of the business and promote recycling in their customers.

If you are looking to make your takeaway business more sustainable, discover more eco-friendly products that Albiz offer so you can switch to greener, more environmentally friendly takeaway products.

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