5 Benefits of Using Insulated Food Containers: Are You Ready for the Festive Season?

by Deniz Nayir
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November and December are two of the coldest months of the year, and we definitely feel it as the days get shorter and the temperature drops. For some people, it means curling up in front of the fire with a blanket and ignoring the biting chill outside. For takeaway businesses, this means working harder to keep food warm when transporting it from your kitchen to your customer.

Insulated hot food containers are all the more important in the winter because they keep your products warmer for longer periods of time, whether that be for your delivery staff to take it to your customers’ doors or for customers to pick up their order and take it home. With the cooler weather, the temperature of food can drop quickly, leaving the meal cold and unappealing and making insulated containers for food a priority for any takeaway business.

Albiz have a range of insulated food containers available that you can use when serving your products. They can be found in their recyclable food packaging range.

What is Insulated Food Packaging?

When it comes to these food containers, there are specific requirements needed so they can keep food warm. Insulated food packaging acts as an insulator, meaning whatever it contains will remain warmer for longer. 

In a bit more detail, the packaging is any type of box, clamshell packaging or covering that contains thermal properties. This allows the heat to be retained within the closed container so a constant temperature can be maintained.

These thermal properties make insulated food packaging ideal for takeaway establishments because most serve a lot of hot food. Using this packaging means the food they serve can stay hotter in transport, leading to fewer disgruntled customers.

Benefits of Using Insulated Food Containers

5 Benefits of Using Insulated Food Containers

Hot food takeaway containers come with a range of benefits that can help your business to thrive over the winter months. Whether that be the more obvious ones, such as keeping food hot, or the more abstract ones, like them being durable, take a look and see how insulated food containers can benefit you and your business.

1) It Keeps Food Hot

Two burgers in front of fire.

Likely the most obvious benefit, insulated food containers keep your food hot. Not only does it maintain the temperature within the container, but it also controls the level of moisture whilst the food is being transported from one location to another. Food is therefore less likely to get soggy whilst it is being delivered or collected.

For example, pizza is a popular takeaway choice, meaning cardboard pizza boxes are used frequently to keep the pizza intact whilst it travels from your establishment to the customer’s home. Keeping that pizza hot is essential so your customers can properly enjoy eating it, so using insulated takeaway pizza boxes can bring you and your customers peace of mind.

2) Encourages Customers to Return

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A happy customer can be a returning customer who can help increase your business's revenue. Insulated food packaging is a great way to keep your customers happy as their food will be warmer when they eat it, giving them a more enjoyable experience with your business. 

Not only will this make your customers more likely to return, but they can also recommend you to others, which can widen your audience and sales. Word of mouth is a great way to expand a business, and happy customers are an ideal way to do this.

3) Eco-Friendly

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People are becoming more aware of their impact on the environment, and how environmentally friendly their favourite takeaway businesses are is becoming increasingly important. This can include whether the containers to keep the food hot are recyclable, compostable or biodegradable instead of being made from throw-away plastic. 

Some types of polystyrene food containers can be recycled, including the ones Albiz have on offer. These takeaway meal boxes are better for the environment and enable easy disposal by your customers, meaning less rubbish ends up in landfills and there is less damage inflicted on the environment.

4) Leakproof

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When delivering food to your customers, you want to avoid spillages as much as possible so the food you provide can stay in one piece. This is where the food packaging you use is crucial.

Albiz provide the Mir Pac Gold XPS Takeaway Burger Box, which is designed to minimise the risk of spills and leaks when the food is being delivered to or collected by your customers. Instead, it is being sealed inside a leakproof container that will keep it all in one place whilst maintaining the warm temperature it needs. This gives you and your customers confidence in your business that can have people returning for more.

5) Durable

Another benefit of insulated food packaging is that it is durable. The majority of these containers and polystyrene food trays are manufactured using high-quality materials which means they are able to last for a long time. They are therefore less likely to need replacing.

For example, they can be made so they are less likely to tear or melt, allowing them to withstand the heat of food at temperatures over 100 degrees and maintain the temperature inside the packaging. Not only does this mean that they are able to remain intact whilst holding food, but it also means they can be reused by the customer after carrying their takeaway order.

If you want to make the most of these benefits, Albiz have a range of insulated food containers that you can make the most of this festive season. They also have quality carrier bags that you can use to carry these containers when delivering them to customers, such as the takeaway paper bag with handles and the takeaway plastic bag.

The brown paper bag with handles is designed to be 100% recyclable whilst not being able to tear easily, making them suitable for carrying multiple containers at once.

Both of these takeaway bags are a great addition to your business and can be used with insulated food containers to deliver your products to your customers.

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